Want a fail-proof product launch?

Did your last product launch epically flop? Want to avoid the disappointment of another failed product?

In this course, you will go through the easy-to-follow 7 steps to plan a product destined for success!

7 modules - 7 video lessons - 7 worksheets

Coach Zandra Ross will walk you though the process to plan a product launch and kick-start your planning and marketing.

What to expect

  • Download the Worksheet

    Each module includes a worksheet to help you get started.

  • Watch the Lesson

    Zandra will guide you through why and how to complete each step.

  • Launch your product

    Apply your new knowledge and launch your successful product!

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Your Coach: Zandra Ross

Zandra Ross is a mindset evolution coach who helps ambitious people overcome obstacles and evolve into the next version of their real selves to achieve greater success and happiness in their life and career. She does this through private and group coaching, team building and strategic planning sessions, and online programs and courses.

Zandra has discovered how to stop her own storylines and events from the past from becoming limiting beliefs for her future. Today she guides others, with a passionate emphasis on those within indigenous communities, to re-write their own stories for the future by realigning their mindset and dropping beliefs no longer moves them forward.

She also recognizes that while strategic business plans are important, every member of your team needs to be on the same page to see business success. Zandra provides team building and group mindset evolution coaching programs for businesses and organizations that are dedicated to individual and company growth.